Products Under Fire Protection System

YOTEK as the sole agent of NAFFCO in Ghana, supplies a complete selection of fire protections systems that will improve the safety of your property in Ghana and beyond. YOTEK supply, install and maintain every fire system in accordance with international standards. Our company supplies fire protection systems such as: water-based, gas-based, foam-based, powder-based and wet chemicals systems.

We supply a huge selection of fire products such as fire alarms systems, fire detection system, fire alarm kit, wireless fire alarm systems and smoke alarm to meet your needs.

Yotek solutions and productss
foam based extinguishing system
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Yotek solutions and productss
gas based extinguishing system
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Yotek solutions and productss
powder based extinguishing systems
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Yotek solutions and productss
water based system
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Yotek solutions and productss
wet chemical fire suppression system
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